Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Researching your Ancestors using Land Records and Parish Maps

 Gave a presentation to the Newcastle Family History Society at their monthly meeting (via Zoom) last night. The presentation demonstrated how you can use Land Records to enhance your knowledge of your ancestors.

I was able to show, using both Old System and Torrens Title systems, where my ancestors lived, when they bought the properties and when they were sold or passed on after death. The research also enabled me to find further relatives that were in the same area who I did not know were there.

The Old System records were for a property in Wallsend and the other was at North Lambton on Hartley Street (now known as Newcastle Road (opposite the reservoir near Croudace Street).

I have sent a PDF of the slides for the members of the Society and am also making a video of the talk for publication.

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Wallsend Land Records

 Looking forward to the Newcastle Family History Society walk around Wallsend on September 11. I have been able to locate the location of the house where my Great Grandmother, Mary Ann Madsen (nee Wardle) lived in Campbell Street, Wallsend. It is now a car park and car repair shop!

I was able to use the Historical land Records Viewer (HLRV) to locate the deeds showing that my Great Great Grandfather paid 50 pounds for the land in 1865.

Transactions on Lot 10 Section 1
Village of Wallsend

Monday, February 03, 2020

Botany Bay FHS - Land Records revisited

I have been asked to present last years talks again and we are doing this on 18 and 25 February and 3 March 2020. We will again cover:

Introduction to NSW Land Records
  • Early land Records in NSW
  • Counties and Parishes
  • Land Title Systems
  • Parish Maps – How they can help your Genealogical research
  • Overview of HLRV (Historic Land Records Viewer)
NSW Land Records 1
  • In depth detail of Old System and Torrens Title
  • What is on a Certificate of Title
  • Using HLRV to look-up Certificates of Title.
NSW Land Records 2
  • Primary Application – what is it
  • Primary Applications on HLRV
  • Primary Applications at State Records
  • Conditional Purchases
  • Impact on searching for Certificate of Title
  • Conditional Purchases at State Records
  • Conditional Purchases on HLRV